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As platitudinous as it may sound, the topic will remain important in the coming years. There is no doubt that digitalisation continues to be the biggest trend in HR. In international comparison, Germany has been able to make up some ground recently, but still lags massively behind in the implementation of digital Strategies. And this is despite the fact that, especially on the software side, innovative solutions "Made in Germany",

The admiration of HR-Departments for paper-driven processes, which account for 80% of the optimisation potential, seems to remain unbroken. Digital HR solutions create scope for redesigning HR work and supporting HR management in the digital transformation in the best possible way. In this context, the question of how the outsourcing of process chains and, or the definition of shared Service centers can be well combined with digitalisation projects and the associated transformation should be imperatively considered.

Change management

The implementation of digital strategies in the VUCA world has an indispensable influence on corporate culture at all levels. The development of a corporate vision is often no longer the sole task of top management, but is much more successful with the involvement of internal and external stakeholders. With awareness of the needs and requirements of these decision-makers, HR can become the driving force with a systemic change management approach in order not to lose anyone on the path of change.

Changed Requirements for personnel managers

The major technology trends (artificial intelligence and Blockchain), play a large part in the fact that in the future HR professionals may no longer only be familiar with the technical specifics, but will also have to build up technical understanding.
Many companies already have their own group of HR-IT experts who understand the background of human resources management and can think in terms of processes, as well as having a technical understanding. This group of people will continue to be in high demand in the future.

HR as an Innovation driver

A shift in the employee value hierarchy away from a primary focus on salary and classic status symbols to a job where employees can pursue their passion requires a high degree of adaptability from HR. This relates to both the recruitment of new employees and the retention of the existing workforce. In addition, there is the requirement to ensure new, more flexible ways of performing work in a wide variety of locations. At the same time, it will become increasingly important for companies to develop a sustainable and environmentally conscious profile and to communicate this to the outside world, which HR can optimally support.

Talent management, Talent Acquisition

The four aforementioned trends are interrelated and are ultimately expanded by the fifth trend, talent management or talent acquisition. Acquisition has already been addressed in the previous points. However, it deserves to be mentioned again separately, as there has been an enormous shift from an employer market to an employee market. A corresponding talent acquisition and talent development strategy will continue to be essential in the future.

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