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Lecture: Digitization of HR work

The organizers of DREITOR attorneys and novamusHR01 GmbH did not expect such a large response. At the beginning of July, the still young but very renowned law firm from Reutlingen invited to two impulse events on the topic of digitalization of HR work.

Agility as an antidote to unpredictability

By now, most people have heard the apparent buzzword "agile" or consider it "one of those trends of which you won't hear anything for long". In fact, agile was published in the form of the Agile Manifesto already in 2001 and therefore laid the foundation for a new approach about 20 years ago - not only to projects, but also to daily work, collaboration in teams up to complete agile enterprises. And agility is not only becoming increasingly important, it is often already part of everyday life.