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Joachim Volpert in the HR Performance interview on the renewal of HR IT

4 years ago

In an extensive interview with HR Performance, Joachim Volpert reflects on the central guard rails for companies on their way through the digital HR transformation. Time and again, he comes to the conclusion: the established methods and solutions often don't work. Joachim Volpert wants to encourage decision-makers to critically and objectively assess which "old habits" are being cut in order to bring about change in the company. Digital transformation in HR succeeds on the basis of disruptive concepts and consistent structuring of implementation. This sometimes goes hand in hand with far-reaching changes in the technological basis, the variety of usage scenarios for software use as well as active employee involvement on a whole new level. Joachim Volpert gives an insight into how the complexity of HR digitalisation projects can be organised and mastered.

Read the interview in full here (german).

Source Download: HR Performance 5/2018,