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novamusHR01 Solution Pool
Empfehlenswerte Produkte, Templates, Tools

novamusHR01 Solution Pool Recommended Products, Templates, Tools + Add-Ons from our Partners

Based on extensive project experience, we provide a selection of helpful tools, partner solutions and best-practice templates via the novamusHR01 Solution Pool. The solutions recommended by ourselves will complement the range of available SAP and non-SAP standard components within the area of human resources management.

In the area of SAP HCM, for example, tried and tested solutions from ABS Team GmbH and other selected partners complement the standard applications. These offer additional functionalities and help you to increase the productivity and user-friendliness of existing HCM applications.

We would be pleased to present the individual solutions on the basis of a live system demonstration. Use our contact form and send us your preferred date for a personal meeting in your company or via web session.

Simplify Personnel Processes / Securely manage Personnel Data

Did you know that there are already solutions that can be customized to your needs in the following categories?


Invest sustainably now or risk high penalties?
Partner products regarding the right to information, anonymisation and data deletion within the framework of the EU-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Digital Personnel File

aconso Digital Personnel File - Paperless HR Document Management

Personnel Deployment Planning

A tried-and-tested template that maps the overall process for employees, schedulers and supervisors and actively integrates all participants into the process.

Occupational Integration Management (BEM)

Software-based mapping of HR processes within the Occupational Integration Management

Digital Output Management (DOM)

Solution for sending HR documents directly from SAP as encrypted PDF files to the employee's private e-mail address.

Copy and Compare Tool

Save time, money and hardware resources with our copy and compare tools hr.dat.copy and

Organizational Charts

Create and publish your organizational charts within minutes with org.manager. The world's leading tool for organizational charts and visual HR controlling.

Personnel Reporting

With our add-on solutions, you can determine key personnel figures without an expensive Business Warehouse or time-consuming Excel tables.

Document Management

Automated creation and distribution of documents using Accenture Quick Document Builder to increase the productivity and cost efficiency of business processes.

Travel Expense

Automated process for Travel Expense


Solution for user password recovery in web-based SAP applications


Cloud-based software solutions for Feedback Interviews and agile Employee Feedback

Use central tools to meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

The issue of "data protection" is certainly not new - but the penalties and fines threatened have never been as enormous as they have been since 25 May 2018. It is indispensable for companies to review their own data protection measures in line with the new framework conditions and to make the necessary adjustments.

Manual data deletion is difficult and error-prone. Automated solutions such as Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) provide a remedy. Since SAP has made the product license-free for the implementation of data deletion in accordance with EU-GDPR, we regularly encounter the idea that this can be set up quickly.

Thus the preliminary determination of the personnel cases concerned in the SAP ILM represents a challenge which can hardly be solved, for which we recommend, for example, the solution of EPI USE Labs, which uses a data footprint to search for a person in an SAP landscape, retrieves this person, and makes it available as an encrypted PDF download. We also recommend this solution for the simple deletion of several personnel numbers.

The tools can be used immediately. You only need to maintain the rules that are relevant for you.

DSGVO/GDPR Compliance Suite

The DSGVO/GDPR Compliance Suite includes the products Data Disclose, Data Redact and Data Retain.

Data Disclose

Reporting tool for identifying sensitive data in your SAP portfolio - affects the right of the person concerned to information (Article 15 DSGVO/GDPR)

With Data Disclose, you can search all SAP systems and locate where sensitive data is stored. With this solution, you can find, retrieve, and make available a person's data footprint in SAP systems - even in non-SAP systems, if they are integrated with APIs. This happens within seconds in SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, BW and all other ABAP stack systems. The duty of disclosure for companies according to EU DSGVO exists for all personal data in all systems and is linked to a relatively short scope of action. Data Disclose is an instrument that enables you to respond quickly to requests from employees for data information.

Data Redact

Tool to manipulate or delete sensitive or personal data fields without removing the entire record.

Data Redact is a Fiori App, which was specially developed to meet the challenge of the right to deletion (Article 17 GDPR/DSGVO). As part of the DSGVO/GDPR Compliance Suite for SAP, the app can quickly and seamlessly pseudoanonymize sensitive or personal data without deleting entire data records. This means that the data can no longer be related to a specific person, but you can create your reports as usual without affecting the referential integrity of your data.

Data Retain

Proactive identification of personal data for anonymization according to flexible rules. Execution is automated ad-hoc or regularly scheduled.

With the Data Retain application, companies can set up highly flexible rules with which different retention periods can be applied depending on the type of data. If these rules are executed, Data Retain identifies data records that are to be alienated. This allows your company to apply archiving policies and anonymize the data itself, far beyond the scope of your initial DSGVO/GDPR compliance projects.


Tool for anonymizing SAP®/HCM data.

hr.dat.scramble pseudonymizes all sensitive data of your SAP®/HCM system. Sensitive data that is not required for test activities can also be deleted in a targeted manner.

With this tool, the data of existing SAP®/HCM systems can be anonymized or parts of it deleted in a targeted manner. Data from quality assurance systems that have been created by standard system or client copies can be anonymized easily, quickly and efficiently with hr.dat.scramble.

The productive system is protected against unintentional changes several times.

By using the tool, the regulations of the basic data protection regulation for anonymizing the data of your HCM test and development systems are defused.

If required, a pseudonymization list (list of old and new personnel numbers) can be issued.

Safe implementation of DSGVO/GDPR in your SAP HCM system

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Use a digital archive

The aconso Digital Personnel File is a digital archive and the counterpart to the paper file. Manage your personnel documents simply and clearly with software support. The electronic provision of documents enables fast access from anywhere. The software can be fully integrated into existing HCM solutions and the surrounding system landscape. In this way, you make optimal use of synergies and prevent media breaks between applications. With a digital personnel file you put an end to the paper chaos and increase savings potentials in personnel and storage costs.

Your requirements:

  • Automate processes related to the archiving of personnel documents
  • Fast, easy and location-independent access to documents
  • Data protection compliant handling
  • Cloud or on-premise solution
  • Your employees have the same level of information at all times
  • Intelligent display of employee files

Die Lösung von aconso

  • Central data storage - location-independent access also via mobile devices - perfect for companies with multiple locations
  • Structured storage of documents
  • Role-based access rights and logging ensure data protection compliance
  • Data security through cloud or on-premise version according to German security standards
  • Modern user interface
  • Situation-related and context-dependent display of documents
  • Transfer of authorization concept through full integration in your HCM
  • Sophisticated search function by document type and register for all documents

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Solutions for the overall "Personnel deployment Planning" process

In companies, there are ever larger task forces with immense diversity of shift sequences and above all with more complex requirements of the employees for their various assignments. These extended framework conditions have prompted ABS Team to view personnel deployment planning as a holistic process and to develop a functional configuration template based on the SAP HCM standard. Among other things, interactivity through SAP Self-Services and reliable approval chains help to reduce the complexity and runtimes of planning processes. For example, the solution has proven to be particularly effective in the operational environment of service planning in hospitals, including the medical sector. Reporting tools complement the overall solution and provide a timely and comprehensive overview of balances, time accounts and generated wage types. The export of attendance lists as daily and weekly schedules is also possible.

Your requirements

  • You want to support the processes in duty scheduling on the IT side.
  • Duty scheduling should be possible across different hierarchical levels
  • TARGET planning centrally controlled, ACTUAL planning decentralized individualized
  • Information and active involvement of employees in the time management process

Template solution from ABS Team:

  • Work schedules of the medical department
  • IST time change by employees
  • After checking and approval by the superior, direct transfer to the accounting systems
  • Reporting for a timely and comprehensive overview of balances, time accounts and generated wage types, including form output (print option)
  • Entry of service requests for employees
  • Multi-level leave request with approval and consideration of secondments or shifts (enhancement of the standard SAP service)
  • Display personal work schedule as Adobe PDF file
  • Display of the time statement as an Adobe PDF with the display of the plan deviation and inconsistent payments.
  • Time correction recording for the employee (shift extension, stand-by, on-call duty, attendances, etc.)
  • Approval of time corrections for the superior
  • E-mail dispatch for notification, e.g. in the event of rejection

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The user-friendly solution for the Occupational Integration Management

The BEM-Monitor solution from ABS Team offers an optimal supplement to the SAP standard, under consideration of the individual characteristics of the company, as well as the fulfilment of legal requirements. By using the BEM-Monitor, all desired characteristics of the operational integration management can be mapped quickly and user-friendly. The high development effort of an individual solution is eliminated. The users, for example BEM representatives or members of the works council, save time because the (complex) administration of the process takes place centrally. In addition, follow-up processes can be implemented directly in the SAP system. The user interface of the solution has been clearly structured so that even employees without experience in operating SAP software can work quickly and intuitively with the software. Access is provided conveniently via a web front-end and call in the Internet browser.

BEM Monitor fulfills all basic functions for processing and tracking BEM cases in the company. With regard to technical performance and data security, the advantage is that the solution with the entire process is within an SAP system. The data is always up-to-date. System breaks, manual rework/comparisons and the possibility of data protection violations due to the export of highly sensitive data to third-party systems are avoided.

Your requirements:

  • User-friendliness and ease of use, even without extensive SAP prior knowledge
  • Acquisition of all necessary information for the individual BEM case
  • Fast integration into the daily work of the specialist department
  • Intuitive introduction, with clear and intuitive navigation to the individual functionalities
  • Central point of entry for all BEM participants (BEM supervisors, administrators, superiors, works councils, representatives for the severely disabled)

The solution from ABS Team:

  • Web Dynpro ABAP-based solution with Web front-end: Accessible via browser or SAP back-end
  • Existing SAP authorization structures are taken into account.
  • Backup and management of data according to EU-DSGVO
  • Subsequent case number analysis
  • Scheduling control
  • Selection and Synchronization of BEM Cases in the Background (Automation)
  • Illustration of necessary forms, e.g. cover letter
  • Implementation of follow-up processes directly in the SAP system (generation of forms, sending of e-mails, evaluations, archiving)

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The user-friendly solution for digital and secure delivery of HR documents
ABS Team's Digital Output Management offers an optimal add-on to the SAP standard. Using ABS Team's DOM solution, all HR documents and customer-specific forms can be sent or issued quickly, securely, digitally and directly to employees.

Save on printing, enveloping and shipping costs.

Your requirements:

  • Employees in production environments do not have access to a computer within the company and therefore cannot use SAP Employee Self-Services to, for example, access the document for the remuneration statement.
  • Replacement of the manual, usually time-consuming process consisting of printing, enveloping and shipping.
  • Tool for creating and distributing forms directly from SAP
  • Various SAP HCM forms are delivered
  • Encrypted mail dispatch directly to the private mail address of the employees

Our Solution:

  • Fast and secure dispatch and output of documents
  • Various forms are delivered:
    • Time statement
    • Salary statement
    • DEÜV notification
    • Wage tax certificate
    • Travel expense reports
    • Personnel deployment plan
  • Different output paths:
    • Sent by e-mail to the employee, output format is an encrypted PDF file
    • Storage of individual or combined PDFs on directories or in the spool
    • Create a ZIP file containing the PDFs
  • Fast amortization within 1 year at 80% conversion rate (already with salary statement)
  • Flexible framework for any extension of documents and output options

The solution is mostly "Plug-n-Play". Little consulting effort

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Quick and easy generation of anonymized test data

The solutions check and compare current and representative data in the test system. The applications of our partner Gasparin offer an alternative to copying the entire production inventory. Tests should always be carried out with actual data. In order to guarantee data protection you need anonymous test data. The solutions hr.dat.copy and make it possible to anonymize data between SAP HCM systems, to copy and to compare accounting results directly afterwards. Time-consuming manual creation of master data is no longer necessary.

By using hr.dat.copy and, you reduce development and maintenance costs within the payroll and time management area.

Your requirements:

  • Cross-System and/or Cross-Client Transport of personnel data
  • Copy any personnel data within a client
  • Increase responsiveness to errors in productive payroll results
  • Quick and easy preparation of personnel data for test and training systems
  • Anonymize personnel data
  • Immediate testing and checking of payroll results after updates have been installed or system adjustments made
  • Short implementation time with minimal training effort
  • Adaptability to use your own anonymization rules
  • Copy talent management applications to SAP ERP HCM

The solution of our partner:

  • Copying master and transaction data from administration, payroll, time management and organizational management
  • Also suitable for PD objects: for example, organizational structure, training courses and events, qualification catalog, specific or all objects of a plan version, etc.
  • Maintenance includes adjustments to new SAP® releases.
  • Requirements of data protection through anonymization via given parameters or customer-specific anonymizations
  • Simple operation and traceability through detailed process protocols
  • Customer-specific infotypes are automatically recognized and transported.
  • Automatic protection of your production system from accidental changes
  • Short time of amortisation

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Create an organizational chart - fully automatic and individual!
Key figures directly in the organigram

Using Ingentis org.manager, you can individually implement the requirements for your organization charts - whether standard, matrix organization, dotted line, key figures or a design based on corporate identity. The layout can also be configured in any way, for example by adding a hierarchy tree, detail areas or completely configurable elements. The Ingentis org.manager is enhanced by extensive print, search and export functions.

Due to the direct connection to the leading HR system such as SAP HCM, SuccessFactors, Workday, PeopleSoft or Oracle HCM, your organizational charts are always up-to-date. Using various display options, you can make your organizational charts available to any target group individually.

Your requirements:

  • Your employees and managers should have access to the current, modern organizational chart at all times.
  • Optimized visualization when using different devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer)
  • Quick overview of the organizational key figures
  • Standardized interfaces to SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors
  • Ability to create customer-specific rules for key figure display
  • Presentation in the company's own corporate design

The solution of our partner:

  • Different, target group-oriented visualization and presentation forms for employees and managers
  • Easy integration into your intranet
  • Visual personnel controlling
  • Actual organizational charts using standard interfaces to SAP HCM OM and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • Support of the talent management process
  • Flexible display using customizable filtersVisuelles Personalcontrolling

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Query Manager

The Query Manager is a powerful, flexible and simple reporting solution. Query Manager is cost-effective, saves your time and allows you to find, format and distribute data with just a few clicks.
The solution provides an easy-to-use interface for all your reports and can be deployed immediately after installation by using an SAP transport. You can access your reports from any location using the Fiori App. You can create and process reports from Web browsers, mobile devices, self-service portals, HR Renewal portals, or even SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

DThe advantages of the Query Manager at a glance:
  • Practical personnel controlling tool based on personnel master data in real time
  • Immediate use of 250 predefined reports
  • Search the online community for existing reports
  • Create your own reports
  • Evaluation of key figures to increase transparency and support decision-making processes
  • Summarize key figures, prepare them graphically, and forward them to specific recipients.
  • Create your own professional reports and documents without relying on technical resources.
  • Optimization potential for your HCM reporting and business processes
  • Accurate and meaningful real-time information from all your SAP HCM data
  • Consideration of your existing SAP and/or SuccessFactors authorizations.
  • Optional password protection for reports Online-Community nach bestehenden Berichten durchsuchen

ReportingEnabler for SAP Fiori

ABAP Reports in the Fiori Context

Executives and specialists need ad hoc information to support decision-making. To obtain information, data and key figures must be evaluated quickly and reliably from SAP systems. ABAP-based SAP reports are often used for this purpose in business practice. But what opportunities does SAP Fiori offer companies?

The app ABS Team ReportingEnabler for SAP Fiori makes the extensive and proven ABAP reporting directly available in SAP Fiori. ReportingEnabler supports the most important output forms, such as ALV and non-ALV reports as well as SAP queries. The app contains three components:

  • Report Launchpad (RLP): Overview of available reports and evaluations directly in Fiori
  • Report Object Selector (ROS): Selection of objects and period for report execution
  • Report Result Viewer (RRV): Display of results in filterable and sortable tables with export option

ReportingEnabler already includes numerous report output formats. However, not only ABAP reports are supported as data sources. Operational Data Provisioning (ODP), a local business warehouse, can also be directly integrated. If desired, further output formats and data sources can potentially be implemented with your resources.

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Correspondence and contract management made easy

In today's companies, documents and letters to employees and managers are produced on a large scale. The data source of such documents is most often SAP HCM systems or cloud applications such as Employee Central from SAP SuccessFactors. The reality in many companies, however, is that data extraction during document creation is often associated with manual work. Despite modern data sources, the workload of HR professionals for correspondence-related tasks remains high. It can be difficult to ensure the flexibility needed to create HR documents while keeping costs under control.

Your requirements:

  • Simple, quick document creation for quick deployment
    -Globally applicable
  • Integration of software with digital personnel file solutions as well as software for creating certificates
  • Data security: Checking personnel data without having to export it
  • Generation of single or mass documents

The solution of our partner:

  • Template creation in familiar environment: employment contracts, employment certificates, bonus letters, etc. are created and formatted with Microsoft Word
  • Automation and integration: Personnel data from SAP ERP, SAP eRecruiting and SAP SuccessFactors are made available.
  • Pick and click access to more than 600 data fields (company-specific enhancements are possible).
  • Effective content management through administration and storage of templates via central library
  • Compliance: Automated text selection reduces manual error sources.

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Use a central tool for your Travel Expense

With the Concur Travel & Expense app, employees can easily book and bill their business trips from their smartphone or computer and stay productive on the way. Use the app to get real-time information about travel plans and flight status, or to book a flight or hotel room at short notice.

Receipts and receipts can be photographed on the way and directly assigned to the travel expense report - saving valuable time and avoiding a confusing paperwork.

Your Requirements:

  • Automate processes related to travel expense
  • Create travel expense reports directly on the smartphone and process them paperlessly
  • Submit travel expense reports while on the way
  • Book hotels, train tickets and flights with preferred providers
  • Automatic recording and assignment of travel plans and credit card charges
  • Quick review and approval of travel expense reports
  • Real-Time compensation of travel expenses

The solution of our partner:

  • Mobile access to data in SAP HCM or SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central using an integrated solution approach
  • Data integration via receipt photos, real-time reports and automatic matching of credit card data with travel requests and bookings.
  • Control costs by automatically considering your internal travel expense policies for business travel.
  • Preconfigured selection lists of preferred providers for travel bookings
  • Simple handling and high user-friendliness due to intuitive operation
  • Simplification of business travel - Satisfied employees - Minimal training effort
  • As a Concur partner, we can help you to implement

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The user-friendly add-on "Password Recovery“

In the system standard, a password change can only be executed with confirmation of the actual valid password. If the actual password is lost, the user is not able to solve the problem individually. This results in significant additional work and an increased ticket volume in the IT administration, as accesses have to be reset individually. Affected users only receive renewed access to their SAP applications with a loss of time and can only work to a limited extent up to this point.

What are your Requirements?

  • Resetting and Reassigning Passwords in Web-Based Access to the SAP System
  • Usability via desktop and mobile access
  • Recovery process is completely controlled by the end user/No IT administration support required
  • Low implementation effort

The solution offers:

  • Secure resetting of passwords according to standard market procedures
    (Double opt-in via email verification)
  • Web Dynpro ABAP or HTML5 Compatibility
  • User receives an e-mail with a link to a Web service to enter a new password.
  • E-mail can be signed and adapted to the corporate identity of the company
  • For customers without SSO (Single-Sign-On) the only currently known solution on the market!

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Loopline is the performance management software for better feedback interviews, performance assessments and employee development. The integrated notebook helps you to record information about successful meetings, presentations or other feedback points at any time. Request 360° feedback on your employees and create clarity on requirements and objectives for employee development through competency models. With the form editor, you can integrate the competency models into your feedback and identify those competencies of the employee that you want to develop prioritized. At the end of the interview, concrete development steps are jointly defined. Agree concrete goals with your employees and observe long-term trends throughout the company.

Loop Now

Loop Now is the intelligent cloud solution for continuous, automated employee surveys and 360-degree feedback. Loop Now offers access to scientifically based questionnaires on topics such as onboarding, leadership style and employee satisfaction. You save time and can get started right away. Answers can be collected with just one click. You can see results after a short time. The mobile use of questionnaires is possible and allows the location-independent processing via the smartphone. Loop Now offers employees the opportunity to respond anonymously to surveys. This option can considerably increase the response rate and the authenticity of the answers. Loop Now's intelligent analysis function delivers valuable insights through real-time reporting. Loop Now meets all current requirements for the protection of personal data on the basis of the EU data protection basic regulation.

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