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Digitalisation of personnel work Lecture- Mr. Joachim Volpert

7 months ago

The article Digitalisation of Strategic HR Planning by Management and process consultants Joachim Volpert (Managing Partner of novamusHR01 GmbH) and his long-time business Partner Dr. Volker Mayer (CEO of STRIMGroup AG) deals - in their article, which has been thoroughly revised for the second Edition - with digitalisation and in particular the use of Big Data and Business Intelligence in HR planning. In their contribution, the two show the fundamental professional and technical requirements of adequate strategic personnel planning solutions in the digital VUCA age. The article makes it clear how strategic personnel planning can be carried out in a focused and efficient manner and how it provides important bases for decision-making in order to avoid planning risks.

In addition to a General introduction to the topic of digitalisation of human resources management, Mr. Volpert presented a very comprehensible and field-tested concept to arrive at a conclusive digitalisation approach for the respective company in 12 steps.
Using a company example and various software applications, the participants were able to experience the topic of digitization live and be impressed by the possibilities using selected processes, such as the creation of certificates, output management from personnel administration, payroll accounting and time management, as well as the requirements of a flexible organizational chart including reporting.
Dr. Kittelberger, leading partner for the topic of labour and company law at the DREITOR law firm, supplemented the explanations with his experiences in practice and with many legal aspects that also play a role in digitalisation projects.
The discussion round as well as the talks, after the event showed that the participants were very impressed and saw the event as more than valuable in the context of their digitalisation projects. Many new contacts and a lively informal Exchange also ensured an informative and valuable result of this impulse event.
All in all, very successful events, which were certainly not the last of their kind!
Many thanks to all the People involved in the organisation.

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